Partnerships Manager

Richmond, CA

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Who we are

Across the country, college completion rates are abysmal. In our home state of California, just over a quarter of students enrolled at a state university (CSU) campus graduate within four years. Of students who do graduate from college, around four in 10 end up underemployed in a first job. Traditionally underserved populations — like working students, students of color, parent learners, and those who are first in their families to attend college — disproportionately suffer.

We think this status quo is unacceptable. Rivet School is college built for real life — a new type of college experience designed from the ground up to support traditionally underserved students. Rivet School students earn an accredited, job-relevant bachelor’s degree in as little as 2-3 years, and for around $10,000, total.

Rivet School is a fast-growing nonprofit currently supporting 150+ students across California, and aiming to nearly double in size this year. We’re a tight-knit, supportive, and diverse team of ~15 (mostly full-time but with a couple of close outside collaborators). And we can’t wait to learn more about you — and to see if you might be a fit for this newest role. 

Why we need you

At Rivet School, we find our students through a mix of direct online outreach and partnerships with community organizations and employers. While both channels are valuable to our growth, partnerships demand a high level of attention to yield results. But when they work, it’s like magic! Partnerships lead to a win-win-win outcome for everyone involved: Rivet School grows, our partners get great outcomes for their clients/employees, and prospective students unlock new opportunities through a college degree. 


We need you to help us source, successfully onboard, and support Rivet School partners, as well as to build out systems and tools to engage our partners over time. Our students perform better when a committed partner is backing them. The more stakeholders we have rooting for our students’ success, the more likely they’ll make it past the finish line.

Who you are & what you can do

  • You have a deep interest in helping traditionally underserved students access opportunity. (A typical Riveter is in their late 20s; a first-generation college student; Black, Latino, or AAPI; a parent or has significant family responsibilities; and has previously enrolled in and stopped out of college.)
  • You like building new things, and are comfortable navigating complexity and ambiguity. You’re persistent in the face of roadblocks and resilient when you experience rejection. You enjoy finding different avenues to reach an outcome and you find achieving a long-sought goal incredibly satisfying.
  • You might have experience in community organizing or developing partnerships across organizations/companies — but you might also just be a savvy networker in your sector. We’d be particularly interested in candidates that have worked in the K-12, higher education, or career readiness fields prior to this role. 
  • You’re comfortable owning and executing on big projects — but you’re also willing to dive into the nitty gritty. You are excellent at building and stewarding authentic relationships, and you deftly navigate operational and organizational hurdles to make partnerships work.
  • You are a data-driven and rigorous thinker, but you also jump at the chance to solve problems collaboratively. You sweat the small stuff, always follow through on your commitments, and are meticulous about documenting, communicating and organizing your work. You should have proficiency with building and maintaining spreadsheets and other tech tools.
  • You’re excited to be the face of Rivet School — communicating our mission, vision and program elements to different stakeholders. You’re able to adapt your style and approach to the needs of different audiences.

Why you should apply

As the fourth member of our Growth & Admissions team, you’ll play a crucial role in taking Rivet School to the next level. Your work will directly impact the organization’s ability to grow and serve thousands of students in the coming years.

You’ll also join a committed, high-performing, thoughtful, and very fun (if we say so ourselves) team. Here’s what a few team members say about working at Rivet School:

- I've never worked in a more supportive organization. The team fosters a culture of collaboration and openness that makes me feel comfortable bringing my whole self to work everyday.

- It’s hard to imagine a better workplace. Team members are genuine, empathetic, open to feedback, and competent.

- Collaborative work is woven into the Rivet School culture. As an introvert who usually prefers to work alone, I find collaborating with my team to be fun, productive, and supportive.

- I appreciate our open discussions on race, equity and inclusion and how each of us takes responsibility to use this lens in our work.

Learn more about the Rivet School team on our website here, or on Glassdoor

The nitty gritty

  • Target start date: As soon as March 22, 2021 (flexible through mid-April)
  • This is a full-time role typically based in Richmond, CA. Our entire team is currently working remotely during the pandemic, but we hope to return to our offices sometime in late 2021. When we do return, we’re planning for a flexible in-person schedule (think 2-3 in-person days / week), with openness to periods of remote work
  • We offer comprehensive health benefits (medical, dental, and vision), including 50% premium support for spouses and dependents.
  • We offer 32 days of PTO per year (15 days of PTO and 17 recognized holidays), plus five sick days and generous leave policies (parental leave, bereavement, etc.).
  • The Partnerships Manager role can flex to be a more junior or more senior role depending on a candidate’s fit and experience. As a part of the interview process, we’ll discuss how we can best adapt this role to the right candidate’s skillset.
  • At Rivet School, we use a competency-based hiring and leveling framework to ensure equity and fairness in promotions and compensation. The target salary range for this role is $68,000 - $78,000 / year, depending on experience. We invite candidates to learn more about our compensation framework and the range associated with this role during the interview process.
  • As part of our organizational commitment to equity, we run a competency-based hiring process. We assess candidates using pre-set questions, and evaluate each step in the hiring process against a pre-set rubric. The steps in this hiring process are as follows: Initial application form, brief video screen (30 minutes), performance task (60 minutes max), second-round video interview (45 minutes), final-round video interview (2 hours), and reference check.
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Why Rivet School

Rivet School isn’t just a great place for students.

Just as we pour our energy into making Rivet School an amazing place for students, we invest just as much in making Rivet School a great place for our team. While we’re serious about our work — and about pushing ourselves to grow — we’re also serious about having fun, showing up for each other, and taking time to pause when we need it.

Here’s what our team members say about working here:

“I’ve never worked in a more supportive organization.”

“It’s hard to imagine a better workplace. Team members are genuine, empathetic, open to feedback, and competent.”
“There’s high-quality work produced across the team. Things are systematized, well-documented, organized, and clear.”

If this environment speaks to you, speak to us! We look forward to getting to know you.