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Bachelor’s of Arts (BA) in Communications

A bachelor of arts in communication gives you the skills needed to organize ideas, communicate effectively, and diverse lead teams to success.

Degree Partner: Southern New Hampshire University
Southern New Hampshire University

Build skills in marketing, PR, team leadership, and business management.

Earn more

Prepare for high-earning careers in fields like marketing, HR, and professional training.

Be in demand

In California alone, there are over 15,000 job openings each year related to marketing, advertising, and communication. (Source)

A degree you can be proud of

Accredited by the New England Commision of Higher Education (NECHE).


Transfer in 60 or more college credits, or an accredited associate degree, and you may be eligible to start this program halfway. Transfer in less than 60 college credits and you may be eligible to transfer credits to the “associate’s degree track”

What you'll learn

Advertise a Product or Service

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Analyze and create advertisements in various media, applying both historical and contemporary perspectives on advertising methods and design.

Communicate Across Cultures

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Identify, analyze and address the cultural differences and communications issues that arise in both international and intercultural business contexts.

Construct and Deconstruct Media

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Gain media literacy skills in order to comprehend messages and effectively utilize tools to design and distribute our own messages.

Control the Message

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Apply the principles and key concepts of public relations to address the challenging task of shaping an organization's public image.

Convey Technical Information

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Employ clear, effective and accurate communication of technical information for different purposes and audiences.

Create Multimedia

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Engage in the various stages necessary to design and develop a basic multimedia product, including creating a storyboard and writing a script.

Demonstrate Cultural Competence

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Improve effective communication in a variety of professional settings by analyzing how culture shapes interpersonal relations.

Go Behind the News

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Demonstrate the ability to distinguish media bias from audience bias and well-researched, credible news stories from unreliable journalism.

Represent an Organization

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Demonstrate the key principles of organizational communications by developing professional documents and organizational messaging strategies.

Leverage Social Media

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Demonstrate strategic uses of social media for a variety of purposes, such as advertising, marketing, and public relations.

Career outlook

  • Sales 
  • Marketing 
  • Training and Development
  • Human Resources
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Public Relations
  • Fundraising
  • Copywriting

Salary progression

Increase your income by >50% when transitioning from a classified role to a certified teacher.
Average annual salary for paraprofessionals (source)
(+$20k from para to teacher)
Annual salary for first-year
teachers w/ BA only (source)
Put yourself on the path to predictably build your income over time.
Within 5 years, avg. annual salary for teachers w/ BA only
Within 10 years, avg. annual salary for teachers w/ BA only

Growing network

By joining Rivet School’s Educator Pathway, you’ll build a strong professional network by tapping into a growing community of educators across California. We partner with K-12 school districts and networks to find and support our students in their journey to classroom teaching.
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Full tuition

BA in Communications



avg. time to completion
After factoring in financial aid and scholarships, the average Rivet School students pays $9,800 out of pocket for their entire bachelor's degree.

Financial Aid

Most Rivet School students are eligible for financial aid, and the average Rivet School student covers around half of their tuition through government scholarship. If you’re accepted to our Pay it Forward program, you can pay no upfront tuition, and pay back only if and when you earn more than $40,000 / year.

Rivet School students with full
financial aid (about 25% of students)
pay less than $500 on average
for their entire bachelor's degree.

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