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Meet our team

We've got different roles — coach, admissions specialist, community manager — but one shared mission: our students' success.



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Shilpa coaches students, designs program strategy, and helps lead diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at Rivet School. The best part of her role is experimenting with new program elements that can improve student’s experiences.

Shilpa Bhongir

Director of College Programs
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Nora leads the Growth and Admissions team, overseeing partnerships and growth strategy, and also helps lead diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives at Rivet School. A highlight of her job is having the chance to meet and speak with groups of prospective students at information sessions.

Nora Maxwell

Director of Growth & Admissions
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Alex leads operations at Rivet School, with a people-focused, customer-service lens. As a technology strategist, he frequently uses empathy and humor to balance technology and systems.

Alex Fernandez

Senior Business Operations Lead
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Shelly coaches students through their college journey, leads the Bridge program for recent high school graduates, and loves being able to engage one-on-one with students to support them toward their goals.Prior to Rivet School, Shelly worked as a Program Manager at Genesys Works – a nonprofit focused on college access and internship opportunities for high school seniors in the Bay Area. Shelly studied Latin American and Latino/a Studies and global economics in college, and went on to work as an adviser at UC Santa Cruz after earning her degree.

Shelly Gleason

College Coach
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Iris formerly led the Program team at Rivet School and now as COO oversees finance, people strategy and ops, and tech systems, in addition to collaborating with the Executive Director and Leadership Team on special projects.

Iris Jong

Chief Operating Officer
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Angelina supports Rivet School’s incoming students through the admissions and onboarding process, helping them transition seamlessly into college. The highlight of her job is going above and beyond to show new students that Rivet School is a different college experience.

Angelina Rucobo

Admissions Manager
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Jeff oversees program design, university partnerships, and other strategic projects at Rivet School. He also works with K-12 districts to support school staff on the Educator Pathway to earn their degree and become classroom teachers.

Jeff Manassero

Executive Director and Co-Founder
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Natalie coaches Rivet School students with direct academic and social-emotional support throughout their individual journeys. The best part of this work is being able to encourage students who are also parents, since she was a student-parent herself in college.

Natalie Ruiz

Lead College Coach
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Hanna works on building out Rivet School’s long-term strategy, tools, and systems to strengthen and expand referral partnerships, all with the goal of recruiting future Riveters and growing our impact.

Hanna Curhan

Associate Director of Partnerships
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As a College Coach, Myiah supports Rivet School students to their bachelor’s degree. She aims to be a helping hand with logistics, academics, and motivation.

Myiah Watson

College Coach
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Lorena supports Rivet School’s incoming students through the admissions and onboarding process, helping them transition seamlessly into college. The highlight of her job is going above and beyond to show new students that Rivet School is a different college experience.

Lorena Rodriguez

Admissions Operations Specialist
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María wears many hats at Rivet School, helping design impactful experiences for our students, and supporting new applicants through the admissions process and in their transition to college. She also facilitates our Riveter Leadership Council, which serves as a bridge between students and the Rivet School team. One of her favorite things about this work is being able to create opportunities for students to connect beyond their academic work, like facilitating virtual and in-person community experiences that bring our students together.

María Ortega

College Coach & Community Manager
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Dorothy helps find new Rivet School students by building and sustaining partnerships with schools, community organizations, and employers.

Dorothy Gray

Senior Partnerships Lead
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Alanza is an Admissions Operations Specialist at Rivet School. Alanza earned her bachelor's degree through Rivet School in early 2020, and is excited to continue to play a role in the community by assisting future students with the admissions process. Alanza loved the non-conventional nature of the Rivet School program, and is excited to bring this experience to future students. 

Alanza Mirabella

Admissions Operations Specialist
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Tanise coaches Rivet School students with all areas relevant to them having a successfully unique academic journey based on their individual needs and desired outcomes. Tanise obtained her AA degree with Rivet School in 7 months and is completing her bachelor's degree now. 

Tanise Smith

College Coach
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Claire leads Rivet School’s career programming, working to support students to family-sustaining careers both during and after their studies. Claire's background is in workforce and economic development, with a decade of experience running programs connecting job seekers to small businesses in San Francisco and Brooklyn.

Claire Michaels

Director of Career
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Melissa coaches Rivet School’s students to meet their goals through logistical, academic, and social-emotional support. Her favorite part of coaching is breaking down barriers to higher education and empowering students to gain a sense of agency and resilience.

Melissa Santodonato

College Coach
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Tammy coaches Rivet School students as they navigate their career journeys. She also plays an integral role in shaping our career strategy and program design.

Tammy Huynh

Career Coach and Program Strategist
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Bianca supports Rivet School’s growth on all things digital marketing. She plays an integral role in shaping our growth strategy to find more future Rivet School students.

Bianca Delgado

Digital Content Strategist
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Chriseah advocates for Rivet School students by providing them with empowering, personalized support as they navigate their unique academic journeys.

Chriseah Datu

College Coach and Program Strategist
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As Senior Development Advisor, Kristen supports Rivet School in securing the philanthropic resources needed to support Rivet’s growth. 

Kristen McCaw

Senior Development Advisor
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Eli co-founded Rivet School alongside Jeff Manassero and board members Ted Williams, Lauren Dutton, and John Coghlan in late 2017. Eli served as co-Executive Director of Rivet School through late 2021, before transitioning to his current advisory role.

Eli Bildner

Senior Advisor & Co-Founder
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Ted Williams is Managing Partner at Springbok Partners, an investment firm which provides seed capital and consulting in the financial service industry. Ted is also a founding board member of the BASIC Fund, the former CEO and Board Chair of Summer Search National, and a former Big Brother at the San Francisco Juvenile Probation Center. Ted lives in Marin County with his wife Lisa and three children.

Ted Williams

Founding Board Chair
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Lauren Dutton is a consultant to educational nonprofits and foundations, and was previously a partner at NewSchools Venture Fund. Lauren also served as the first director of new site development for City Year, as the founding executive director for Teach for America in Oakland, and as a management consultant with Bain & Company. Lauren was a 2007 inaugural fellow in the Pahara-Aspen Educational Fellowship, and has served as board chair for KIPP Bay Area Schools and as a national board member for Peer Health Exchange.

Lauren Dutton

Founding Board Member
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John Philip Coghlan is Executive Chairman of Life360, a location-sharing app keeping families connected and protected, former President and CEO of Visa USA, and former Vice Chairman of the Charles Schwab Corporation. John is a board member of the Glide Foundation; former board chair at KIPP Bay Area; and a former founding board member of Friends of the Children/San Francisco Bay Area.

John Philip Coghlan

Founding Board Member
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Jaclyn Piñero is a Bay Area native, the daughter of two immigrant parents, and the first in her family to graduate from college. Currently, Jaclyn serves as the Chief Regional Officer at uAspire, leading regional teams in Massachusetts, New York City, and the Bay Area. Prior to joining uAspire, Jaclyn served as Director of Development at Bay Area Legal Aid, where she worked for 14 years. Jaclyn earned her BS in international business and a minor in Spanish from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

Jaclyn Piñero

Board Member
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Yin is a partner at MCJ collective, an entrepreneurial commons that enables the flow of information, ideas, and capital necessary to advance collaboration and solutions to make a dent in the climate crisis. Yin previously worked on DEI efforts at Sheryl Sandberg & Dave Goldberg Family Foundation and was GM of Khan Academy’s international business. Yin also built up the first community, international and marketing teams at Coursera. Outside of work, Yin is a mother, mountain biker, singer and skier. Yin earned her BA in economics and M. Ed in counseling from UCLA.

Yin Lu

Board Member
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Adanta Ahanonu (she/her) is an educational leader with expertise in program management at the intersection of workforce development and higher education, and has a strong passion for helping others achieve their full potential.

Adanta Ahanonu

Board Member
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Antiracism & Equity

Rivet School is committed to antiracism and practices that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learn more about our commitment.

Working at Rivet School

Rivet School isn’t just a great place for students.
Here’s what Rivet School is like as an organization — in the words of our team.
It’s hard to imagine
a better workplace. Team members are genuine, empathetic, open to feedback, and competent.

— Rivet School team member

Collaborative work is woven into the Rivet School culture. As an introvert who usually prefers to work alone, I find collaborating with my team to be fun, productive, and supportive.

— Rivet School team member

I've never worked in a more supportive organization. The team fosters a culture of collaboration and openness that makes me feel comfortable bringing my whole self to work everyday. I appreciate our open discussions on race, equity, and inclusion, and how we adopt an equity lens in our work.

— Rivet School team member

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