Looking for Concourse? You're in the right place. We have a fresh new look and name. Here’s why we became Rivet School.

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College built for real life

One-on-one support to help you earn your bachelor’s degree online, in as little as 2-3 years, and for an average of $10,000 total. All without leaving your job.

Try six weeks free. Next deadline: 11/17/20.


We believe that all students,
especially those working, parenting,
or first in their family to attend college,
 deserve to earn a career-boosting degree.

Learn how we became Rivet SchoolLearn about us

We simplify college by pairing an accredited online degree with real-world support.

Here’s how we support our students

college tutor coach

Personal coach

From tutoring to time management,
your dedicated coach will help you achieve your goals.
money with open lock

Financial aid

Expert support to help you access financial aid — plus financing options you’ll only find at Rivet School.

high five icon

Community of peers

Join a community of learners across California. Build relationships with other students in your neighborhood.
tool box of college school supplies

Tools for school

Access our comfortable coworking spaces for you to get work done. From laptops, to software, to tech support —we’ve got you.
bag of groceries

Emergency fund & Stipends

Apply for immediate cash grants  in times of need. Receive a small stipend each term to invest in your learning.
Open door with to blue sky

Career planning

Access hands-on career coaching and resources to help you find and
get the job you want.

Graduate debt-free (or very close)

Earn your degree for under $10,000

Tuition through Rivet School is $6,500 a year, and most students are eligible for federal financial aid. Financial aid covers more than half of tuition for the average student (and can cover up to 98% of tuition). And you’ll never pay for a textbook, either.

Try six weeks free

If you’re accepted as a Rivet School student, you’ll begin a six-week, no-cost onboarding experience to ensure the program is the right fit. You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of the Rivet School program, meet other fellows, and start working on real college projects, 100% free.

Apply to pay no upfront tuition

Through our Pay it Forward program — an only-at-Rivet-School financing tool — you pay no upfront tuition, and pay back only when you earn more than $40,000 per year.

Make school fit your schedule

A BA in as little as two years

Earn an accredited bachelor’s degree in as little as two years. Go as fast as you can, earning credit as soon as you master the material.

Move at your own pace

Turn in your work when you’re ready. Use the support of a coach to set your own deadlines and access the resources you need to meet them.

Work anytime, anywhere

Work online and from anywhere — home, work, or in between. Visit one of our coworking spaces to get work done alongside Rivet School staff and classmates.

Accelerated & flexible
College student studying on couch with child playing beside them

Always have
someone to call

Be someone’s star

Get personalized support from a coach who lives nearby and works with no more than 50 other students. Work with your coach to set goals, monitor your progress, and stay on track. No matter what happens, your coach will be there rooting for you and ready to help.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

We realize the “small” stuff isn’t small. If you need a laptop to complete the program, we’ll get you one — free. On top of this, you’ll get a small stipend each term to cover school-related expenses like transportation and technology.

Have one person to text or call

College is complicated enough. Have a question? You’ll always know who to call. Your coach is your single point of contact for all things school — from academics, to financial aid, and beyond.

Boost your career

Learn real-world skills

Master job-relevant skills in business management, communications, information technology, and more.

Get one-on-one career advising

Get customized support exploring career pathways, searching and applying for jobs, and preparing for interviews.

Access career-specific training

Access special career training programs like Rivet School’s

Educator Pathway.

Job-relevant degrees

The Nuts and Bolts

How Rivet School works

From our first conversation to your graduation,
we’ve redesigned college to work for you.

Meet a Riveter

Andrew was working full-time at a bookstore when he decided to go back to school. But nothing fit his schedule or budget — until he found Rivet School. Six months later, he had his BA.

What people are saying

Rivet School has helped me go to school without having to give up on working full-time. They have provided so much support that I was able to earn my BA (after transferring with my AA) in a year and a half.
- Ofelia Alonso, BA graduate
We believe that traditional higher education isn't working for far too many students, and we're inspired by Rivet School's approach to creating a far more affordable, accelerated, student-centric, and career-focused pathway to a degree.
- Chris Nelson, Managing Director, Doris & Donald Fisher Fund
The team at Rivet School has created something really special. They provide our staff with everything they need – from an actual degree to motivational coaching and academic tutoring. More than anything, I trust Rivet School will do whatever it takes for their students' success.
- Marisa Ramirez, Director, East Bay After School Programs,
Bay Area Community Resources (BACR)

What makes us different

4-year state university

Rivet School


For-profit online university

Cost per year

(Tuition + Additional Expenses)
For "for-profit online university," we refer to the cost of full-time attendance at DeVry's online BBA program. (See DeVry's net price calculator here for details.)

For "4-year state university," we refer to the cost of in-state, full-time attendance at California State University, East Bay (including books and supplies), which was $8,956 for 2019-2020. (See here for details.)

$9,000 / year

$6,500 / year

$12,500 / year


Project-based learning

Personalized coaching

Coworking space

Free laptop

Emergency fund

4-year state university

Rivet School


For-profit online university

Cost per year

Cost per year

(Tuition + Additional Expenses)
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/ year

/ year

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Project-based learning

Personalized coaching

Coworking space

Free laptop

Emergency fund

In the news

Rivet School on Univisión (Spanish)

Univisión interviewed one of our founders, Eli Bildner. Hear about a scholarship program we supported enabling Bay Area Dreamers to earn a tuition-free bachelor’s degree.

Note: This interview was conducted before we changed our name to Rivet School

Richmond nonprofit helps working adults gain a degree

Have you ever heard of a college program with no tests or required attendance that lets you gain a degree on your own time and in your own way? The Standard dropped by an open house for Rivet School last weekend, held at the Leadership Public Schools on Bissell Avenue, and discovered a group looking to help turn the traditional learning model on its head.

Note: This article was written before we changed our name to Rivet School

Foundational Digital Skills: An Equity Imperative

As a single parent who worked full-time as a teacher’s aide, Tamea Bishop was determined to improve her economic prospects by pursuing postsecondary education. Because of her busy work schedule and child care needs, it was hard for Tamea to find classes she could attend. Online learning seemed to be her best bet, but she didn’t own a computer and lacked some basic computer skills. But Tamea was fortunate. Through her employer in Richmond, California she learned of a new college program designed specifically to support working adults.

Note: This article was written before we changed our name to Rivet School

Can Nonprofit Startups Make a College Degree Attainable for Low-Income Adults?

It sounds too good to be true: Start with a flexible online education—one that allows adult students to speed through the material they already know rather than plod through prerequisites semester by semester. Then, combine that with all the real-world supports that online degrees don’t offer, including a community of fellow students, a coach who meets with you face to face, a quiet study space, and maybe even a free lunch. All with a sticker price that is mostly covered by the federal Pell Grant for low-income students.

Note: This article was written before we changed our name to Rivet School

Let’s Focus Innovation on Social Mobility

We’re also keeping an eye on hybrid colleges, including Da Vinci Extension, Concourse Education, Match Beyond and PelotonU, that provide access to accredited programs while providing intensive wraparound student support, digital learning (often competency based) and funding models that mitigate student debt.

Note: This article was written before we changed our name to Rivet School

Amid a global pandemic, could we innovate to find more equality through higher education?

Hybrid college is built to fit your life. The days of conventional classroom schedules — especially in the age of COVID-19 — just do not work for many young adults anymore. A blended format gets at the root causes for college stop-out.

Our partners

It takes a village. Our partners help us guide our students to graduation and beyond.

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Common questions:

Am I eligible to apply to Rivet School?

If you have a high school diploma or a GED (or other equivalent) and live in California, you're eligible to apply to Rivet School.

Is Rivet School a nonprofit? Why is this important?

We believe that college programs should be 100% focused on doing what’s best for students. We also recognize the troubling legacy of for-profit higher education in this country.

For these reasons (and others), Rivet School is a non-profit educational program with one mission: To help you earn a job-relevant degree as efficiently as possible.

How can I possibly earn a BA in two years?

In most college programs, you earn credits by taking courses that run for a certain number of weeks (typically 14-16 weeks). It doesn’t matter how smart you are, or how well you know the material, or how much you study — to earn your credits, you have to sit through 15 weeks of class. Rivet School is different. Rivet School partners with university programs that are “competency-based.” In plain English, in a competency-based program, you earn credits not based on how long you sit in a seat (or study), but on how well you know the material. As soon as you’ve demonstrated that you understand a concept or skill (for instance, by completing a project or taking an assessment), you can move on. By combining a competency-based degree and all the support that Rivet School offers (from accountability support, to supplemental teaching and tutoring, to many more resources), we can help you dramatically increase your pace to a degree. Around 25% of Rivet School students are on track to earn a BA in two years or less.

Are Rivet School’s degree programs accredited?

Yes. We only partner with regionally accredited, nonprofit universities. (Regional accreditation is the highest form of accreditation, and credits earned through regionally accredited programs are the most likely to transfer.)

Is Rivet School a university? If not, how does Rivet School help students earn an accredited bachelor’s degree? What institution will appear on my diploma?

Rivet School is not a university. We partner with accredited universities to enable our students to earn bachelor’s degrees. Currently, our two degree partners are Southern New Hampshire University and Brandman University. Southern New Hampshire University (or SNHU) is a private, nonprofit university established in 1932 and located in Manchester, New Hampshire (not far from Boston).

Rivet School students enrolled in SNHU participate in a special online program called College for America, which SNHU launched in 2014 in partnership with the United States Department of Education and the Gates Foundation. Brandman University is a private, nonprofit university established in 1958 as part of the Chapman University system. Brandman is headquartered in Irvine, California, but serves students across 26 campuses in California and Washington, as well as online. Students graduate Rivet School with an accredited bachelor’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University or Brandman University, and with a certificate of completion from Rivet School itself.

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