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Our mission: Enable students to earn a bachelor’s degree as efficiently and affordably as possible. Here’s how.

I have not worked in a more supportive environment than Rivet School. The team fosters a culture of collaboration and openness that makes me feel comfortable to bring my whole self to work everyday. I appreciate our open discussions on race, equity and inclusion and how each of us take responsibility to use this lens in our work.

— Rivet School team member

Apply and select a program

Through our application process, you’ll learn about the Rivet School program and whether it’s a fit for you. When you’re accepted, the first thing we’ll do is help you enroll in an accredited bachelor’s degree program offered by our university partner: Southern New Hampshire University.

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Plan your finances & financial aid

Know your cost

We’ll help you navigate financial aid and put together a financial plan. Most students earn their BA for less than $10,000 in out-of-pocket cost.

Expert financial aid support

If you need extra support applying for aid, we’ll connect you (for free) with an independent financial aid expert.

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Begin Onboarding

Rivet School begins with a six-week (100% free) Onboarding experience.

During Onboarding, you’ll learn the ins-and-outs of the Rivet School program, meet other members of your cohort, and start working on real college projects. When you successfully complete Onboarding, you’ll officially become a Riveter.

Meet your coach

Personalized support

College can be hard, but at Rivet School we'll be with you every step of the way.  Each fellow works hand-in-hand with a personal coach who supports no more than 50 students.

One-stop-shop support

At Rivet School, you’ll never get lost in the bureaucracy. Your coach helps you work through academic challenges, set and stick to your goals, access school and community resources, and more.

One number to store in your phone

Text, call, or email your coach anytime.

Meet our team
My coach has been, by far, the best thing
about this whole process. She is absolutely outstanding – I don’t think I could have
gotten this far without her.

— Jeremey Di Salvo, Rivet School Student

Earn your degree

Real-world projects, not tests

Most of our degree programs use real-world projects instead of traditional lectures, quizzes, and tests.

Go as fast as you can

Unlike most college programs, at Rivet School, the more time you spend learning, the faster you can earn credits and make progress.

Connect with your community

Get support from classmates through an online community platform, and through optional in-person gatherings and study sessions.

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Walk the stage(s)

Participate in graduation ceremonies through Rivet School and our partner universities.

Benefit from ongoing career support

Continue to receive free career coaching and job placement support for nine months after graduation.

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Choose your path

Discover the right program for you

We can help you explore degree programs and decide on your next steps.

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We look forward to getting to know you!
- The Rivet School Team
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