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Our goal: Help you graduate debt-free
(or very close). As a nonprofit, our highest mission is your financial and academic success.

I have not worked in a more supportive environment than Rivet School. The team fosters a culture of collaboration and openness that makes me feel comfortable to bring my whole self to work everyday. I appreciate our open discussions on race, equity and inclusion and how each of us take responsibility to use this lens in our work.

— Rivet School team member

The basics

Low, transparent tuition

Tuition for all of our programs is $7,000 per year. As a student, you may pay less — upfront, or at all — depending on which financial aid and other financing programs you’re eligible for.*

No extra fees

There are no additional costs beyond tuition — no application fee, “student resources” fee, or textbooks and supplies to buy.

No-obligation Onboarding experience

Every Rivet School experience begins with a 6-week, no-obligation Onboarding experience. As a student, you make no financial commitment until you’ve completed Onboarding and decided that Rivet School is the right fit for you.

Go fast, pay less

Pay a flat fee per academic term. The faster you complete your degree, the less you ultimately pay. That's the power of a competency-based degree.

Emergency fund

Enrolled Rivet School students can apply for needs-based emergency grants of up to $250 per academic term.

Financial aid

Access up to $7,395 per year in government scholarship

Most Rivet School students are eligible for federal financial aid. This includes the Pell Grant — a scholarship from the government that you don’t have to pay back — and subsidized loans. You can estimate your federal aid eligibility on the government’s website here.

Get expert financial aid support

During the Rivet School admissions process, we’ll help you through the process of applying for federal financial aid — and for any other resources that may be available to you.

Other financing

Monthly payment plans

For a small fee, students enrolled in Rivet School programs through SNHU can sign up for an interest-free, monthly payment plan.

Interest-free loan

Thanks to a partnership with Hebrew Free Loan of San Francisco, Rivet School students are eligible to apply for up to $6,000 per year as an interest-free loan.

Employer tuition support

Many employers — including Rivet School partners — will contribute to their employees’ college tuition. A Rivet School advisor can help you reach out to your employer to ask about tuition support resources.

We Can Help

You don’t need to make
this decision on your own

Our financial aid advisors can help you find the right path.

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