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Bachelor’s of Arts (BA) in Healthcare Management

A bachelor's of arts in healthcare management gives you a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare system, while teaching you how to lead teams to success.

Degree Partner: Southern New Hampshire University
Southern New Hampshire University

Build skills to become an essential member of the healthcare system.

Earn more

Prepare for high-earning careers in fields like healthcare administration, HR, and patient services.

Be in demand

10,000 annual openings in California for non-clinical health roles (Source)

A degree you can be proud of

Accredited by the New England Commision of Higher Education (NECHE).


Transfer in 60 or more college credits, or an accredited associate degree, and you may be eligible to start this program halfway. Transfer in less than 60 college credits and you may be eligible to transfer credits to the “associate’s degree track”

What you'll learn

Manage a Healthcare Organization

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Learn and apply management functions, theories and models in the healthcare setting, with special attention to effective decision-making and communication.

Navigate the U.S. Healthcare System

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Understand the history, structure, and function of the healthcare system in the U.S. 

Promote Health and Wellness

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Employ medical and biological concepts and terminology needed by non-clinical staff working in a healthcare setting.

Use Math to Solve Problems

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Apply creative problem-solving techniques together with algebra, geometry and statistics to address real-world challenges.

Account for Business

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Master accounting competencies necessary for managers to interpret and evaluate the financial effects of day-to-day management decisions.

Demonstrate Cultural Competence

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Analyze how culture shapes interpersonal relations and their own perspectives, and improve your abilities to communicate effectively in a variety of professional settings.

Employ Human Resources

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Understand major legal and regulatory frameworks in human resources, evaluation of staff performance, and effective recruitment, selection and retention processes.

Improve Organizational Effectiveness

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Evaluate the shifting models of organizations, analyze organizational change, and apply key theories to make informed management decisions.

Investigate Managerial Accounting

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Conduct breakeven analysis, prepare operating budgets and explore cost concepts that are essential for management decisions.

Organizational Behavior

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Use a variety of techniques to analyze common management issues, apply decision-making frameworks and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

Career outlook

  • Medical office management
  • Patient services
  • Community health
  • Medical administration
  • Accounting and reimbursement 
  • Human resources

Salary progression

Increase your income by >50% when transitioning from a classified role to a certified teacher.
Average annual salary for paraprofessionals (source)
(+$20k from para to teacher)
Annual salary for first-year
teachers w/ BA only (source)
Put yourself on the path to predictably build your income over time.
Within 5 years, avg. annual salary for teachers w/ BA only
Within 10 years, avg. annual salary for teachers w/ BA only

Growing network

By joining Rivet School’s Educator Pathway, you’ll build a strong professional network by tapping into a growing community of educators across California. We partner with K-12 school districts and networks to find and support our students in their journey to classroom teaching.
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Full tuition

BA in Healthcare Management



avg. time to completion
After factoring in financial aid and scholarships, the average Rivet School students pays $9,800 out of pocket for their entire bachelor's degree.

Financial Aid

Most Rivet School students are eligible for financial aid, and the average Rivet School student covers around half of their tuition through government scholarship. If you’re accepted to our Pay it Forward program, you can pay no upfront tuition, and pay back only if and when you earn more than $40,000 / year.

Rivet School students with full
financial aid (about 25% of students)
pay less than $500 on average
for their entire bachelor's degree.

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