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Diversity. Equity. Inclusion.

At its core, Rivet School’s mission is about opportunity.

We clear the path to earning a college degree to increase long-term social and economic mobility for our students. A college degree is the gateway to new opportunities, whether it be advancement within an organization, or access to a higher-paying, family-sustaining job. Rivet School exists because many of our students – many of whom are Black and Latinx, and the first in their families to go to college – have been blocked from this opportunity because of inequitable and racist institutions.

Rivet School is committed to integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion practices into all aspects of our work and culture. We acknowledge that the only way to truly advance this work is to be an explicitly antiracist organization; and that we must intentionally account for our students’ experiences in a racist world. We do this through ongoing initiatives led by our DEI Task Force, and by applying a racial equity lens to each of our roles. Rivet School is committed to making this work an integral and ongoing aspect of our organization as we strive to ensure all of our students have access to opportunity.

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