Our impact

We aim to build a new model of higher education. Here’s what that means — and how we’re doing so far.

placing a puzzle piece to complete a graduation cap

Decrease time to a degree

A majority of Rivet School students
earn a bachelor’s degree, from scratch,
in 3 years or less.

Increase on-time graduation

Over 65% of Rivet School students earn
a bachelor’s degree within four years
of initial enrollment.

Unlock economic mobility

The average Rivet School graduate increases income post-program by more than 35%.

Our results to date

*Data updated quarterly, last updated June 2020

Median pace to a B.A. degree

1 year

~3 years

Rivet School

5 years

~7 years

to-BA pathway
I felt extremely supported by my coach. She knows my habits, strengths, and weaknesses. I don’t think I’d be able to do this without her.

— Rivet School student

Bi-monthly student feedback survey

Rivet School's average
total out-of-pocket cost


This refers to the net cost of a BA after factoring in grants and scholarships.

Current national average net cost


Student persistance to date


*Persistence is defined as the total number of
active and graduated students,
divided by total students enrolled.

National average 4-year graduation rate for Black students


Our students

At Rivet School, we are committed to supporting students who’ve traditionally been underserved by our post-secondary system. Our students are:

Parents / caregivers
BLACK, latinx,
or aapi

Our financials

We’re committed to transparency in our student results and in our finances.

View our public tax filings for:

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