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Rivet School Bridge

Rivet Schools Bridge program is offered in the Bay Area and in LA with OUSD and Da Vinci Schools as our anchor partners. We are excited to offer this highly supportive and affordable college and career experience!
Degree Partner:

How it works

1. Learn more & apply

Spend some time on our website, request to talk with our admissions team, review the FAQs, and – when you’re ready – start an application.

2. Meet your cohort

Form a close-knit community with other students just like you. They’ll help you earn your degree, and will become part of your network post-graduation.

3. Show up

Join your cohort during weekly sessions to get guided lessons and support from your College Coach. Expect to work on degree projects for at least 8-10 hours each week.

4. Learn & grow

Move at your own pace by mastering projects each week. You’ll grow and gain momentum to earn your degree 2 - 3 years faster than your peers at other universities (CSU avg. time to completion is 5.5 years).

Why Bridge?


Move as quick as you can (or slow down when you need to) through our university partner’s project-based curriculum. By graduating sooner, you'll save money and be able to earn a full-time salary in a BA-worthy job.


Our year-round, all-in tuition is $7,000 – that’s 30% less than local public universities. Students can tap into financial aid or our other tuition support programs to cover most of their tuition and graduate with little-to-no debt.

Da Vinci continuing seniors will pay no tuition for the entirety of the program and can earn their BA for free. 


Access a career coach to hone your strengths and build a strong resume. You’ll also participate in career planning activities with your cohort. Work on a real-world professional project while earning a stipend through a partnership with Braven.

Transfer to earn your BA

Bridge students may also choose to transfer from Rivet School’s AA program into a variety of BA majors (like psychology, computer science, and marketing) at these BA completion programs:

What students are saying

I really like how supportive and flexible the Bridge program is. As someone who works part time, I find myself taking advantage of my evenings and days off to work on projects. Everyone gets to move at their own pace and set their own goals. That's the beauty of this program.
- Victor, Bridge Student
Bridge is different from a traditional school experience – it’s more supportive and focused on your growth. I work 1:1 with my coach to find the right balance so I stay motivated and positive.
- Angelica, Bridge student
Students can explore who they are as learners on their own terms. No tests, no grades – our students set their own goals, and it’s my job to support their achievement. Students also learn real life skills that they can apply to their future careers, so their journey becomes about more than just learning content.
- Shelly Gleason, Senior Program Manager
I really enjoy the "at-your-own-pace" nature of the program, which makes even challenging projects manageable. I feel motivated by my coach and cohort to make progress each week.
- Rivet School Bridge Student, Fall 2020

Dates and information

2021 cohort

Weekly class sessions

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1 - 3pm (on Zoom)


August 23rd

Start Bridge

August 31st

Application deadline

August 13th

2024 Application Deadlines

Early Application Deadline

February 23, 2024

General Application Deadline

May 31, 2024

Extended Application Deadline

June 21, 2024


Week of July 22, 2024

Programming Begins

August 2024

Need help with your application? Talk to an advisor.

Take the next step

Ready to get started?

Begin your application starting late September

Frequently asked questions

Are Rivet School’s degree programs accredited?

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Yes. We only partner with regionally accredited, nonprofit universities. (Regional accreditation is the highest form of accreditation, and credits earned through regionally accredited programs are the most likely to transfer.)

What makes Bridge different from Rivet School’s other programs?

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  • Rivet School was built to primarily serve working adult students and most of our students are between 25 - 35 years old. 
  • Bridge is a more structured, cohort-based version of our core program that we built for younger students. This program includes extra support and tailored opportunities for social connection and career exploration.

How does the Bridge application process work?

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Students will work with their college counselor and the Rivet School Admissions team to submit their application. There are 3 sections to the application: General Information, Financial Planning, and Short Answer Questions. Once a student submits, they will receive an email from our Admissions team on next steps.

Students should expect to hear a decision within 2-3 weeks of the application deadline.

What degrees does Rivet School offer?

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Rivet School partners with Southern New Hampshire University, a regionally accredited nonprofit university to offer an AA in General Studies and three BA degrees in Business, Communications, and Healthcare Management.

Within each of these degrees, students can choose specific concentrations such as: Logistics & Operations, Public Administration, Management, Global Perspectives, and more. These degrees provide a broad base of generalizable skills that support students to enter into a variety of careers.

Is Rivet School a nonprofit? Why is this important?

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We believe that college programs should be 100% focused on doing what’s best for students. We also recognize the troubling legacy of for-profit higher education in this country.

For these reasons (and others), Rivet School is a non-profit educational program with one mission: To help you earn a job-relevant degree as efficiently as possible.

Who can I reach out to with additional questions?

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For additional questions, please connect directly with Shelly at shelly@rivetschool.org or with our admissions team at admissions@rivetschool.org.

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You should receive an email from us containing a link to your application.
If you don't receive an email in the next 10 minutes, or you have questions, email us at admissions@rivetschool.org, or call (or) text us at (510) 727-5484.
We look forward to getting to know you!
- The Rivet School Team
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If you continue to have difficulties, just email us at info@rivetschool.org, or call (or) text us at (510) 369-1255.